The Postal Museum

Mail Rail Touring Exhibition

To publicise the opening of the ‘Mail Rail’ in London in 2017, a venue that will allow visitors to travel on the old mail trains that roamed through tunnels under the city several decades ago, we won the opportunity to design a touring exhibition for The Postal Museum.
The exhibition includes eight smaller free-standing banners, and one large banner, that can be used together or in smaller quantities, depending on the size of the venue. However, the main attraction is an inflatable tunnel that visitors can walk through.
Although only a few metres long, the tunnel is tall enough for adults to walk through easily, and the sounds of mail trains are triggered as a person enters the tunnel to help set the scene. The graphics on the inside of the tunnel represent the real mail rail tunnels that visitors will see once the attraction has opened.
We also designed and built several replica mail trolleys that can be used as props, and also to transport the exhibition before it is set up at a venue.