South Tyneside Council

Shiver Me Timbers Exhibition

‘Shiver Me Timbers – Pirates on Page, Stage and Screen’ was created for The Word in South Shields. Designed, curated and produced by Sheridan Design on behalf of South Tyneside Council, the immersive exhibition showcased a huge array of pirate literature and films, capturing the portrayal of pirates through the years, from the first author to popularise them in the 18th century, through to the films and literature that are still being produced and enjoyed by people of all ages around the world today.
The centrepiece of the exhibition was the large galleon that visitors could step inside and watch a captivating short film that asks the viewer, “What do you really know about pirates?” whilst dispelling some of the most popular pirate myths. The film tells the viewer everything they need to know about life on board a ship, from what pirates ate, to the punishments they received.
There was something for everyone and plenty of interactive games for children to enjoy. Visitors could have a go at hoisting the Jolly Roger, try their hand at some nautical knots or see if they could get Long John Silver’s parrot to talk!
The exhibition also included a free audio tour that visitors can access from their smartphone.