Palace Green Library, Durham University

Bodies of Evidence Exhibition

In November 2013, two mass burials were discovered in an area being developed as a new cafe for Palace Green Library. A team of archaeologists from the University were able to confirm that the burials were part of a group of Scottish prisoners who died following the Battle of Dunbar in 1650. The exhibition explores how different pieces of a complex jigsaw of evidence were pieced together to establish the identity of the bodies, the science behind the discoveries and the remarkable story of the survivors.

We worked alongside Durham University to design and produce an informative, engaging and respectful exhibition. As the exhibition was multi-faceted, we needed a creative approach that was flexible enough to cope with the diverse content but was also visually seamless as it moved from one subject to another.

The human element lay at the core of the exhibition, and in our interpretation we kept that reference at the forefront of our thinking, ensuring it was central to the visitor experience. 

We were responsible for floor layouts, design of all graphics, design and production of interactives, build of free-standing walls and installation of all exhibition graphics.